Nord Emballage praises our CueCap innovation

Nord Emballage, a leading Scandinavian packaging magazine that follows the latest news and trends in the packaging industry worldwide, praises our CueCap innovation, in their #4 2021 edition, confirming the interest of brand owners to create new competitive advantages in packaging.


The magazine reminds us of the essential role of the cap in protecting the contents and extending shelf life of the dairy and juice beverage, a point that was spectacularly confirmed by a major microbiological study conducted last June in the Netherlands for Svalinn by Sure Laboratories.


Nord Emballage also underlines the importance for brands to innovate in the gable-top market and to offer consumers a positive user experience, unparalleled convenience, and improved sustainability.


Our CueCap brings these competitive advantages to the market:

  • More safety thanks to its unique tamper-evident solution
  • Easier opening thanks to half the torque
  • More sustainability as it is 10-30% lighter, therefore using less material, and made from 100% renewable and 100% recyclable materials


Finally, Nord Emballage announces the upcoming launch of our tethered cap in early 2022, thus anticipating the introduction of new EU legislation rules in July 2024.


A news to follow very soon...


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The cap as an essential safety feature to preserve product integrity

A study conducted this April 2021 by Sure Laboratories, an experienced microbiological laboratory based in the Netherlands, highlights the critical role of the cap on the milk carton in maintaining product integrity and consumer safety.

It quantifies the number of mesophilic aerobes in semi-skimmed milk in gable top packages with and without cap, over a 10-day interval, simulating normal package use as accurately as possible to monitor the microbial effect of handling on the packs.

Milk packs were opened according to user instructions and sampled at 3 time points, starting with T= 0 (fresh sample opened). Before each sampling point, a portion of milk was poured into a sterile receptacle. The number of bacteria in this sample was tested according to industry standards. The milk was tested after 5 and 10 days of storage at 2-8 °C. The results are presented in the table below. 

Test article

Number of bacteria in 5 ml milk during storage at 2-8 °C

Fresh samples


After 5 days storage


After 10 days storage

Milk with cap

Less than hundred

Less than hundred

Approximately 100

Milk without cap

20 thousand

260 thousand

1,8 million

Based on the results, it can be concluded that:

Milk packs with caps have low starting contamination when tested according to users’ instructions, as low microbiological contamination was observed. 

Milk packs without cap showed a starting contamination of 20 thousand cfu in 5 ml confirming the presence of microorganisms introduced during handling. After introduction of the contamination, it increases considerably during storage at 2-8 °C. 

It is clear from the study that the opening of milk packs without caps results in contamination of the milk. The bacteria introduced into the milk are able to grow, using proteins and lipids, at refrigerated temperatures to a final concentration of over 200 million bacteria per milk pack.

Great milestone with TINE!

With our customer TINE, Norway’s largest producer of dairy products, Svalinn has just reached another major milestone with the award of a total supply contract for their caps for the gable-top cartons.

After a successful 2018 launch of the CueCap B on several of their products as a replacement for traditional caps, TINE has entrusted Svalinn with their entire cap supply for the fresh milk and juice cartons; for the 2 models CueCap B (28 mm) and CueCap X (32 mm).

Having « one » single cap concept will allow TINE to gain a new competitive advantage and to claim strong benefits increasing brand value and consumer preference.

CueCap offers end users uncompromising safety, providing a clear indication that the package has not been opened or tampered with, and superior convenience with a unique ease of opening. 

CueCap is a better sustainable solution. CueCaps are lighter than previous caps.  They are made from 100% renewable bio-based feedstock and are 100% recyclable.

With the goal of true partnership with our customers, we look forward to developing long-term relationships with TINE that are sustainable, innovative and create shared values.

CueCap found better than its competitors in all functional aspects

Svalinn conducted several consumer studies to better understand consumers’ attitudes and perceptions about food safety, their experiences with beverage cartons and to test the appeal and performance of the CueCap.

Quantitative in-hall tests were carried out in Norway and Finland with large representative samples of respondents over the age of 18.

The first key result confirms the importance of the presence of reclosable caps on carton packs, which is a very clear choice and preference factor for almost 3 out of 4 consumers (72%).

The second key finding highlights the importance of food safety and the need to ensure that the package has not been opened or tampered with in-store. By comparing the caps, the visual cue of the CueCap is clearer to 75% of respondents, who can be sure that the package has already been opened or tampered with.

The third key finding is the importance of sustainability: 62% of consumers say they pay more attention to the sustainability of food packaging when shopping than they did a few years ago.

These studies also confirm the CueCap's lead on most functional aspects, including ease of first opening.  92% of consumers found it easy to open for the first time.

In conclusion, CueCap has a clear overall preference over competitors.