Our purpose is to break boundaries to create more sustainable solutions.

At Svalinn, we want to be a driving force to address the challenges which our industry and our world need to tackle.

Our purpose is to break boundaries to create more sustainable solutions. Our approach to packaging, based on a low-carbon circular economy, aims to reduce the carbon footprint of packaging for our customers and for the planet.

Turning our vision into action, our mission is to design added value solutions to deliver the ultimate consumer experience. Not only does our CueCap meet sustainability requirements, but it also offers the highest standards on safety, convenience and production efficiency.

Svalinn was founded by 2 senior leaders of the packaging industry.

Børge Kvamme

Børge Kvamme

Børge Kvamme, Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Svalinn Cap Systems AG has led packaging companies for more than 30 years, including Elopak, Coveris, Amerplast and Capri Sun / Pouch Partners. In Elopak, he successfully transformed the company’s strategy, including a transition to innovative caps & closures to leverage the strength of gable top cartons.

In lead positions in large packaging companies, my goal has always been to improve consumer experience. If putting a cap on every carton package has long created a major and lasting competitive advantage, today it is no longer enough. At Svalinn, we focus all of our efforts to provide a complete positive experience, offering the highest standards in safety, hygiene, convenience, production efficiency AND sustainability for cap systems. Our goal is to combine innovation and sustainable development to achieve a better impact on the planet and society.

Borge Kvamme: Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Svalinn Cap Systems AG

Israel Komet

Israel Komet

Israel Komet, Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Svalinn Cap Systems AG has led plastic packaging and caps & closures operations for more than 30 years. His background includes Plastiv, Elocap and Elopak. In Elopak, he managed the innovation and supply chain of closures for the Elopak Group.

I believe in innovation and the power of continuous improvement. At Svalinn, our passion for creating better products, providing excellent service, discovering new state-of-the-art technologies and imagining new ways is the inspiration for everything we do. Even when we launch our latest revolutionary CueCap line, you can be sure we've already begun to imagine the next best solution and how to make it happen!

Our logo includes a round and powerful visual sign, two semi- circles animated in a dynamic movement.

It is illuminated by positive and vibrant colors that blend together. Our identity reflects our ambition to accelerate the shift towards a more sustainable circular economy to lower the use of resources, decrease waste production and limit energy consumption.

Our signature “The Confidence Cap” embodies our promise to help consumers make the 100% safe decision when buying milk or juice.

The cue you can see

The cue you can trust

The confidence cap

Discover what makes the CueCap a 100% safe choice for the consumer